Star Wars: The Sith Academy

Interlude 3.1

Because the game has been pushed to once per month, some of the roleplaying will take place over email. The metagaming that will inevitably occur will be stripped out, and established continuity will be recorded here.

The transition moves fairly quickly. Within a week Dask has established a permanent berth for The Light Side with adjoining suites explicitly for his personal and business use. Dask allows some of his more trustworthy slaves and retainers to move into some of these suites, but the majority remain aboard The Light Side. The group is free to move about Cloud Mine at their leisure, but there are few amenities; in fact, some of the miners request access to The Light Side’s forbidden pleasures, and soon a mini-Vegas has cropped up, greatly improving morale. The boost to morale actually manages to increase production, and after three weeks Bantar actually thanks Dask for taking over. Dask choses not to grant access to “addictive” drugs to ensure the miners keep working.

Dev rarely ventures out of The Light Side, but on the few occasions that he does he (eventually) notices that every time he has left the ship he’s encountered Minar’s protocol droid in some way, typically walking in his direction just as he rounded a corner. Although it doesn’t speak to him, he gets the feeling that it’s staring at him; every time he glanced that way, however, the droid was eyes-forward.

Guru was given a private suite with a “workout room” where he spent most of his free time practicing his use of the force. Frequently this involves meditation, but just as often it’s, shall we say… vigorous.

Things go smoothly for nearly a month. The group hear rumors that Darth Malak has been killed and the Sith Empire has begun to collapse.

One day nearly a month after the takover, Dask finds two text-only messages awaiting him on his personal datapad. Dask has a small reputation as a mean capable of handling “sticky” situations, frequently by assassination but just as often by more subtle means.

The two messages are heavily encrypted in the usual way. Dask has an intricate system for establishing contact with a potential client involving several go-betweens and the eventual exchange a very large public key (he never use the same key twice). The system has worked thus far and helps shield both him and his clients. The system is strictly text and typically involves heavy use of innuendo.

The first is from Govon Langley, the junior Senator for the Republic from Denon. He explains in a very detailed and lengthy e-mail with very little innuendo exactly how important it is that the senior Senator from Denon, Jord Cornish, be eliminated. The details are typical: nobody can know it came from him, be discrete, maybe make it look like an accident, yadda, yadda, yadda. Jord is known to be amazingly paranoid and keeps a large retinue of elite guards wherever he goes. A recent failed attempt on his life by Govon has resulted in his being assigned two Jedi Knights on a permanent basis to head his security detail.

The second message arrived anonymously, heavily encrypted. The encryption envelope indicates that it was encrypted with the public keys of all of the last ten messages Dask had negotiated with his system, including the one from Govon Langley. After quite a while decrypting, he managed to read the following:

We have received your attempts at communication and are now paying close attention to you. Your apparent skills could be useful, but we will reserve judgment for the time being. Acquit your self well, and we will contact you with further instructions. The Exchange.


Randolpho Randolpho

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