Star Wars: The Sith Academy

Session 1


Because one player (Dask) couldn’t make the opening session, some background was changed. Rather than the three of them enrolling to be Sith, Dask has decided to send his two best retainers to learn the ways of power from the Sith.

The session opened to find Dev and Guru landing their small transport on the outskirts of Dreshdae close to local dawn, a few hours before they needed to report to the Academy for their first day of training. It took all of five minutes of wandering the small town for them to become bored.

Dev quickly found The Drunk Side and entered. Finding a mostly deserted bar this early (a female Twi’lek at the bar, two men at one table, a Rodian and two Trandoshans at another), Dev sauntered up and ordered the first of many Hairy Hut Nipples.

Guru, disdaining alcohol, decided to exercise his Force ability outside of town on the road to the Academy. There he found a small utility droid attempting to drag a large cargo canister through the dirt road to a loading dock at the Academy. Being of a mischievous mind, Guru decided to add several large rocks on top of the canister—not enough to actual stop the poor droid, but enough to seriously hamper its movement. He then went about a series of exercises of his abilities over the next hour and a half.

Returning to The Drunk Side, Guru found Dev now quite within his cups. Thirsty after his workout, Guru decided to order water from the bar, but was somewhat taken aback at being charged 25 credits for it. Outraged, Guru attempted to intimidate the barman for a free drink by implying he was Sith, flashing his Academy badge at him. The barman was not cowed, and rather than press the matter Guru decided to do without water.

Soon after this four shots rang out and the smoldering corpse of the Rodian was left by the Trandoshans that sauntered out shortly thereafter. Realizing they were almost late for their meeting at the Academy, Dev and Guru followed, only to be nearly run down by a human woman flanked by a young female Twi’lek and female Cathar, who quickly pushed past and joined the Twi’lek at the bar. Guru left with a shrug, but Dev decided to turn around and with a wink and pointing csk-csk bought a round for the ladies before heading out.

Outside town, Dev and Guru passed the now smoking and thoroughly miserable droid, struggling to get its cargo to the Academy. Outside the door of the Academy, they noticed a Sith tormenting several wanna-be recruits, but with little more than a snide remark ignored them and swept inside.

Once inside, Dev and Guru were escorted to a large room. Several other students were already there, but the opening ceremony had clearly not yet begun. After several minutes, headmaster Uthar Wynn strode into the room, eliciting an attentive stance from all of the students. He had barely begun deriding the students for their weakness when his apprentice Yuthura Ban arrived with another student – the very woman Dev had bought a drink for half an hour ago! Clearly annoyed at the interruption, Uthar, after conferring shortly with Yuthura, admitted the woman and proceded to question her. She identified herself as Arnad Darkist and her two companions as slaves – Guru’s heightened perceptions caught the young Twi’lek reacting (but quickly recovering) with surprise at this declaration. Eventually satisfied, Uthar proceded to deride the students as weak while dangling the opportunity for them to find strength through the Sith and the Dark Side of the Force. He claimed that few would actually be granted the right to train as a Sith Apprentice—and that the remainder would be dead. The means by which students could prove themselves worthy would be by learning the Sith Code, performing great deeds that were in line with the Sith Code, and by exploring, conquering, and finding artifacts of value in the tombs within the Valley of the Dark Lords.

After being dismissed and led to their quarters, Dev and Guru decided to jump right in the fray and kill two birds with one stone (quite literally) by finding one of the other students, teaming up with them, then betraying them deep within one of the tombs. Apparently the other students were just as eager to start, as none were to be found. The only exception was Arnad, who was found conferring with Yuthura. The four women clammed up as soon as they noticed the approaching men, but Guru’s heightened senses determined that they were discussing some nefarious plan against the headmaster Uthar. After attempting to engage the ladies in conversation and being snubbed, Dev and Guru decided to head out into the Valley proper.

They were met outside by a protocol droid who explained that there were several tombs available for exploration and many more that had been already been quite cleared out by previous students, but that the tomb of Naga Sadow was strictly off limits, as the headmaster preferred to administer final testing of prospective students there. Wandering further in, they found a student apparently indecisive as to which tomb to explore and convinced her to join their stalwart band. Choosing a tomb at random, they entered. In the entryway, they found three doors and, opening the center, proceeded down the long corridor, which sloped slightly down. After several minutes descent, they noticed that the corridor was much longer than they originally guessed, but having discovered no traps they decided to explore it all the way down.

After several hours of carefully creeping down the corridor wary of traps the entire way, they discovered that the corridor was more than a kilometer long, and that it simply ended without fuss or ceremony. Stretching out with his feelings, Guru could discern only solid rock (with the occasional small imperfections and micro-caves, as this was apparently a sedimentary rock). At the farthest edge of his perception, he could notice what he thought might be another room roughly ten meters above.

In an attempt to circumvent a long walk back up and another long walk back to this room, Guru reached out with the Force and began to pull at the imperfections and micro-caves above, clearly hoping to create some cave-stairs up to the room.

This plan backfired badly. After pulling for a few moments, he was rewarded with a low rumbling, and before long the ceiling was beginning to crash inward. The trio found it necessary to run the entire length of the corridor with the walls and ceiling crashing down at their heels. They barely made it out alive.

Outside was hardly safe, and the earthquake continued for several tense minutes. When it had finally settled and the dust had cleared, nearly every one of the tombs in the Valley of the Dark Lords had collapsed in upon itself. Of the ones that could be used as proving grounds, none remained. On that side of the Valey, only the tomb of Naga Sadow appeared unharmed.

Angered at her chances lost, the student turned upon Guru, but quickly found herself mid-air and choking to death. In a last-ditch effort to save her skin, she cast lightning at Guru, but he managed not only to absorb but to redirect the lightning back at her, sealing her fate.

Leaving her still twitching corpse, Guru and Dev, fearing to report the destruction of so many valuable Sith artifacts to Uthar, decided to enter the tomb of Naga Sadow. On the way there, they encountered the dead body of one of the other students. A quick inspection determined that he had been attacked by at least two separate lightsabers, and had suffered blaster fire to boot. Barely ten meters further turned up a second such corpse, this a Sith that neither of them recognized.

When they finally reached the tomb, they found the capstone thrown aside like a toy. Apprehensive, they entered, searching room after room, only to find the decimated remains of dozens upon dozens of deadly looking attack droids. The only room of interest was a small one that was almost entirely empty. It contained a small, ancient computer console that had been chopped – practically diced – by a lightsaber, a large, equally ancient device set into the floor of room whose purpose was not immediately clear, and the corpse of the headmaster, Uthar Wynn. An inspection of the corpse indicated that Uthar had been struck down by a single lightsaber, apparently in a duel. The large device set into the floor, on further inspection, appeared to be an ancient hologram projector. What it was supposed to display could only be guessed at, as the destroyed console was likely its controller.

At this point the session ended. Session two coming up in two weeks!


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