Star Wars: The Sith Academy

Session 2

After a short but fruitless search of the room with the holo projector, Dev and Guru decided to head back to the Academy.

The scene of the Academy was one of carnage. Room after room told the same tale: a small group of Jedi had recently been through and had left behind a trail of destruction. In the entrance hall they found a Sith that had only died moments before and they hurried out toward Dreshdae.

Roughly halfway through the desert canyon that was the road from the Academy to Dreshdae, Guru spotted Arnad and her two slaves several dozen meters away in an apparent standoff with three armed men. The two groups were speaking, but what was said could not be discerned.

The two men decided to approach cautiously, but had barely gone a few steps before hostilities broke out between the two groups. They chose to watch from a safe distance rather than join in. Two of the armed men were quickly dispatched but the third, proved more difficult. Obviously the leader, he was rather short in stature, with a long blue overcoat, a white desert hat and gogggles. After his thugs were dispatched, he chose to holster his blasters and engage Arnad in melee with his vibroblade. After only a few moments it was obvious he was outmatched, and soon he pulled a thermal detonator, threw it in the air, and ran for it.

Using The Force Arnad threw the detonator against a canyon wall several dozen meters to the side, but apparently chose to let him go. Apparently unaware of Dev and Guru watching behind a large boulder several meters away, Arnad and her slaves began walking back to Dreshdae.

At this point Guru chose to announce himself and attempted to engage Arnad in conversation. Pausing briefly, Arnad conferred with her slaves in a language neither Dev nor Guru understood. They both ran off in the direction of Dreshdae while Arnad continued at a slow walk, ignoring Guru’s offers to join him.

Dev and Guru both attempted to step in front of Arnad as she walked back to Dreshdae, but she ignored their attempts, simply walking around. After several ignored questions about the nature of the Force and the Dark Side, Arnad eventually told Guru bluntly that the Dark Side wasn’t more powerful.

At this point Dev asked if Arnad was Jedi, which she acknowledged. Overcome with rage, Dev lit his lightsaber and attacked. The battle was short and ultimately ended with Arnad running away after receiving covering fire from her slaves from the top of the canyon wall.

Unable to pursue, Dev and Guru returned to the Academy for a more thorough search. There were no apparent survivors with one exception: Yuthura Ban had apparently packed her goods and left rather hurriedly. In Uthar’s study they found a Sith Holocron which they have not yet attempted to use. Sweeping the area, they took every lightsaber they could find, along with the two utility droids that had been hauling goods to the Academy.

Heading to Dreshdae, Guru decided to order water again and was quite pleased that the bartender had apparently already learned of the slaughter at the Academy, as the water was now free. Guru ordered several glasses and left without drinking them, a sly smile on his face.

The two then left the planet to attend some unfinished business—a revenge killing of some Mandalorians on Kashyyk. After a job well done, they left Kashyyk and headed back to their Boss’ hidout.

Here endeth Session 2.


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