Star Wars: The Sith Academy

Session 3

Dev and Guru returned to Dask aboard The Light Side to report the destruction of the Sith Academy.

Their report was mostly accurate.

Dask was understandably disappointed, but had other worries: recent socio-political events on Kuat had made his use of Kuat as a base of operations no longer feasible. Lacking the resources to maintain a hold in Kuat, Dask had decided instead to abandon his refuge there and take to the stars. Unfortunately, Dask now had no means of laundering his illicit gains—a new base of operations was sorely needed.

After several hours of deliberation, Guru put forth a plan to which Dask agreed. There was a small Tibanna gas mine named Cloud Mine floating in the upper atmosphere of Bespin that had managed to avoid entanglement with major galactic entities, operating with a surprising amount of independence. Guru refused to explain how he knew this.

The plan was to trick the miners into thinking that a new form of power generation based entirely upon Tibanna gas would allow them to expand into untapped markets. Under the guise of constructing a prototype generator, the group would instead construct an elaborate bomb near the floating mine’s generator that was capable of destroying the entire mine. What the plan lacked in elegance was compensated by… er… dunno.

The crew found difficulty immediately upon arrival. They dealt with Cloud Mine’s PR officer, Minar Slorna, who was at first unwilling to let them dock. The fact that Guru refused to explain his “plan” via communication channels or to anyone other than the mine’s owner had much to do with her reluctance.

After several tense minutes of careful negotiations, Minar allowed them dock and present their proposal. They would have to meet Minar, however, as the owner Bantar Sandhawk was a recluse that refused to meet anyone other than his most trusted companions and advisers.

When the presentation began in a small conference room, the group was surprised to note that Minar refused to appear in person, instead appearing as a hologram projection projected by a golden protocol droid. After some initial confusion, Guru eventually agreed to present his plan, and began his presentation. He was frequently interrupted by Dev attempting to flirt with Minar, who soon became equally distracted. Although the presentation was amazingly sparse on details, Minar agreed to the terms, allowing the group to build their prototype in an abandoned hangar and, if it proved viable, to build a full-scale generator near the mine’s power generator.

While Dask and Guru set about organizing a false prototype that utilized several portable power cells inside a large shell with feeds and tanks for the input Tibanna gas, Dev – the ladies man – began a whirlwind romance with Minar.

Although Dev requested a physical presence with Minar frequently, Minar refused to appear to him as anything but a hologram. There followed numerous virtual encounters involving Minar’s protocol droid projecting a hologram of Minar: virtual walks through The Light Side’s small garden, virtual candle-lit dinners, virtual dancing, even virtual games of holochess. Throughout all of it Dev pressed Minar for a more physical encounter, but was blocked by Minar, who explained that although she was beginning to trust Dev, there were certain aspects about her that would make such a dalliance impossible.

During this time the prototype was finished and accepted and the bomb began construction. The bomb was permanently wired to the station power generator such that any tampering would cause a significant explosion. When it was complete, but before the “unveiling ceremony”, Dev gave Minar one last chance to “do the Dev dance” or he was gone forever. He added that she would regret a “no”. The offer was rejected through virtual tears.

Mere moments later Dev, Guru, Dask, and Minar (virtually) were gathered in the conference room as Guru made their demands: the generator was, in fact, a bomb, and Guru demanded to see the owner of the station. Minar glanced at Dev with tears in her eyes, mouthed “how could you?” and left. That is, her droid left. Moments later, Bantar strode in and sat down to listen to the terms:

Dask was now the junior partner in Cloud Mine to the tune of 45% of all revenue. Additionally, internal accounting would include records for gas that was never actually extracted and refined and records for shipments that never occurred. Payments for these shipments would account for a roughly 40% increase in revenues, which, after Dask took his cut, amounted to a 5% cost to Bantar. Guru explained this low cost as being due to Dask’s exceedingly generous nature.

After some fruitless haggling on Bantar’s part the terms were agreed and Dask began to settle in to his new base of operations.

That night Dev, drunk and enraged at his rejection by Minar, had a particularly energetic dalliance with Toma and recorded the event as a highly-detailed hologram. He sent the recording to Minar via the Holonet under the subject “This could have been you”.

Here endeth Session 3.


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