Dask Boon


Male Zabrak Crime Lord.  ECL9, 4-Jedi/3-Noble/2-Crime Lord. 

Stats: Str:12 Dex:14 Con:14 Int:14 Wis:16 Cha:18 HP:114Base Attack:7 Speed:6 FP:10

Defenses: Fort:23 Ref:24 Will:27

Special: Heightened Awareness, Command Cover

Weapons: Lightsaber, Hold-out Blaster

Trained Skills: Deception:18, Knowledge(Galactic Lore):11, Perception:17, Use the Force:18

Languages:Basic, Zabrak, Huttese, Binary,

Talents: Adept Negotiator, Force Persuasion, Wealth, Force Scholar, Impel Ally I & II

Feats:Force Sensitivity, WP (Lightsaber & Simple Weapons), Force Training, Strong in the Force, SF(Use the Force, Deception, & Perception), Linguist

Force Powers: Mind Trick 2, Far Seeing, Negate, Rebuke

Ship: SoroSuub Luxury 5000 "The Light Side"


My father was a Sith and my mother was a Noble's Daughter.  To rebel against her stern father she ran off and married my father.  When it was found out that she was pregnant with me my father wanted to kill me, but my maternal grandfather got us away.  I was put in the Jedi academy because I showed promise, and to try to keep me "focused" on the light side. 

I was unaware who my father was until I was in my early twenties, and my father found my mother and killed her.  The Jedi did not prevent this, in my eyes it was an act of Jedi inaction.

At that time I inherited my mother's fortune and found out about my father.  It made sense to me because I never really felt at home at the Jedi academy. 

I left the academy and found myself on the "wrong" side of the law and always somehow able to talk or buy my way out.  I was able to make some "connections" and gradually got the reputation of being able to "get things done".  So I started my own "cleaning" business, ended up hiring Dev And Guru separately and eventually pairing them up.

I am hoping to gain enough notoriety to get into the Exchange.

Dask Boon

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