Dev Smithers


Jedi 7/Sith Apprentice 2

St 18 Dex 16 Con 10 Int 14 Wis 10 Cha 18

HP: 110 Defenses: Fort (21), Ref (24), Will (21) Base Attack: 9 Lightsaber attack: +13 Damage Threshold: 21 Attack Damage: 2d8(+8 one handed or +12 two handed) 3d8 with Mighty Swing

Skills: Acrobatics, Initiative, Endurance, Perception, Use the Force

Feats: (S) Force Sensitivity (S) Weapon Prof. (lightsabers) (S) Weapon Prof. (simple) (H) Skill Focus (UTF) (1g) Melee Defense (2) Power Attack (3g) Force Training (Dark Rage) (4) Accelerated Strike (6) Mighty Swing (6g) Whirlwind (9g) Force Training (Enhance Ability {pdf})

Talents: (J1) Block (J3) Deflect (J5) Redirect (J7) Riposte (SA1) Stolen Form: Shii-Cho

Force Techniques: Improved Dark Rage

Languages: Basic, Huttese


Orphaned as a small child, Dev Smithers was raised by a fallen Jedi, Duke Smithers, who instantly felt the dark side of the force in the infant. Dev’s childhood education consisted mainly of lightsaber combat (blocking, deflecting, parrying, etc.). In fact, Duke was amazed at how quickly Dev mastered various lightsaber techniques.

When Dev was a teenager, a Jedi Sentinel arrived at their house asking questions. Duke and the Jedi engaged in a duel which cost Duke his life. Dev was able to escape before the Jedi could capture him. As a result of watching his dad die at the hands of a Jedi, Dev vowed from that day on he would devote his life hunting down and killing the Jedi that killed his father. He also vowed to kill any Jedi that stood in his way.

As the years went by, Dev survived by working as an assassin. He spends most of his time drinking (Hairy Hutt Nipple is his favorite drink), fighting, and womanizing (he has a thing for female Twileks). Then one day he was recruited by a noble to do his dirty work. He was partnered with a force-adept Miraluka, Guru, who become the closes resemblance of a friend Dev ever had. Realizing he needed more lightsaber training to successfully hunt down jedi, he and Guru joined the Sith Academy.

Dev Smithers

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